“There’s something in human nature that compels us to put pieces together to making something whole.  We do it every day, in acts as simple and routine as adding a shopping bill’s sum to those that are more profound, complex, and rewarding – reflecting on our lives and how we live them, looking at parts of ourselves to get a better handle on who we are.”
D.T. Dawson, The New Mosaics

My essay describing these in detail is here.

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This portfolio provides links to the work I’ve done inside and outside of the Executive Master of Organization Development Program at BGSU to gain the following competencies:

Leading for organizational success

Adjusting and moving on to the next issue

Collaborating for change

Building strategic organizations

Measuring and analyzing for results

Diagnosing organizational issues

Engaging whole systems for large scale change

Enhancing individual and group effectiveness

Recognizing and understanding a gap in performance (areas for my personal and professional development)

Analyzing to identify root cause and Creating and implementing a plan to correct root cause

  • In class: ORGD 6070: Mastering Change (Capstone)