October is shaping up to be quite a harvest of OD Opportunities for me.  Here’s a taste of where I’ll be and what kinds of activities are on tap.

October 8: OD Network Conference.  I’m so excited to be part of a team of OD students and alumni from Bowling Green State University and Case Western Reserve University who are collaborating to plan and conduct an Appreciative Inquiry event to assist the ODEA in refining their vision and action plans in the coming years.

October 19: Project Connect Wood County.  This is our 4th year of hosting a one-day, one-stop event to provide free goods and services for people struggling to make ends meet.  Most importantly, the event is designed to foster relationships and raise awareness of the needs in our communities.  I’m proud to be a 4-year member of the planning team, and the co-chair of Logistics.

October 22: Midwest OD & C Learning Community Fall Gathering.  Working with two fabulous EMOD alumna, we’re designing and facilitating an intervention to use creative, divergent thinking to address a community issue.

October 28: BGSU MOD Best Practices in Leading Change Conference (& 40th Anniversary Celebration).  Co-creating a large-group event with my favorite grad school team!  This event is rooted in the work of Richard Boyatzis.

October 28-29: Concepts in Leadership for the Maumee Watershed District.  I am very excited to get to work with local church leaders as they deepen their understanding of leading and managing small groups from a Wesleyan perspective.


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