I have a passion for connecting people to each other and to the right resources for personal and organizational success. I have over 17 years of diverse experience in program design and implementation, training and facilitation, supervision, and project management.

My past clients include: Maumee Watershed District, Bowling Green State University Information Technology Services, Horizon Youth Theatre, Continuum of Care Coalition, Montessori School of Bowling Green, and the West Ohio Conference.

I believe that organizations always have a positive core from which to build. I love to partner with my clients using strengths-based techniques to build capacity through dynamic training and strategic conversations.

For longer engagements related to change management, strategic planning, or organization effectiveness, I use evidence-based practices like The World Cafe, Open Space Technology, and Appreciative Inquiry.

I also offer the following short-term workshops for organizations:

Discovering Your Behavioral Style* – this 90 minute session helps participants connect with the strengths of their preferred behavioral style at work.  More importantly, it gives everyone excellent tools for bringing out the best in their team mates by understanding the styles of others.  Ideal for groups of 15-30 people.

Leading Positive Change*- this 90-120 minute workshop teaches the basics of applying the 4D method of Appreciative Inquiry in a challenging change situation.  This session can scale to meet the needs of larger groups.

Engaging All Generations* – this 90-120 minute session describes the key characteristics of the 4 generations in your organization – Silent/Greatest, Boomers, GenX, and Millenials – and gives practical resources and activities for connecting with them in order to accomplish your mission. Building on the work of Strauss and Howe, participants locate themselves as members of a generational cohort, identify their communication and action preferences, and develop processes for connecting with other generational cohorts. This session can scale to meet the needs of larger groups.

For churches, or faith-based organizations, I have these tailored options:

Circles of Grace* Conversations –  using the techniques of the Kaleidoscope Institute, Circles of Grace convenes a space for difficult conversations to take place. A minimum of 90 minutes is required for an effective Circles of Grace Conversation.  Best for groups of 6 or more.

The Art of Invitation – Can’t find anyone to serve in your ministry?  Maybe you’re asking in a way that doesn’t work.  This 120-minute workshop gives practical tips to help invite people in your church in order to connect and serve from their sweet-spot. Best for groups of 12 or more.

Making Disciples 101 – We know we have a charge to “make disciples” but how do we start? This 120-minute workshop will help your church understand the qualities of a committed follower of Jesus Christ and lay the groundwork for your church to offer the essential classes, activities, and relationships that make disciples. This session can scale to meet the needs of larger groups.

*These offerings can be used in both secular and religious settings.

I would love to work with you!  Contact me for details.